Controllership & CFO Services
to support Profitable Decision-Making for Manufacturer

Bookkeeping / Controllership


We provide services to keep your books up to date, your bills paid, your payroll handled, and all things related to tracking your cash and profitability.

Fractional CFO

We provide you a meeting twice-monthly with our CFOs to review the financial position of your company, highlight opportunities and red flags, and give you insight into how your decisions can improve your profitability.

Streamlined Accounting

For manufacturers that have a good bookkeeper or controller already in place but feel they just need a little direction, we provide a review of your current accounting practices.  Based on our findings, we'll create and document processes that will improve efficiency and provide better reporting from your existing accounting department.  It's the same system that we use for our bookkeepers and controllers to manage multiple clients and make sure nothing is missed.

Contact us for a customized solution to your accounting needs.

"The speed at which Mr. Jenson operates is something to behold. His computer skills, including highly advanced excel and accounting software, are beyond any I have experienced in my professional career. On several occasions I asked Mr. Jenson to provide a company wide solution to visualize data in dashboard form. We were all amazed at how he was able to turn complexity into simplicity with the solutions he provided." -David L.