Ninety-five percent of your data analysis is in your data entry

The phrase "garbage in, garbage out" is very apt to explain why bookkeeping is so important. Knowing how you want to look at your data is the first step in bookkeeping. Without it, you're paying bills and reconciling accounts, but you're not setting up your data to tell the story that it can tell. Knowing what you want to know in analysis, changes the way you need to keep your books.

We follow our systematic bookkeeping processes to ensure that data is collected in such a way that it can be extracted to provide insights that are "accurate, clear, concise, and timely", insights that will help you make better decisions in your business.

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"The speed at which Mr. Jenson operates is something to behold. His computer skills, including highly advanced excel and accounting software, are beyond any I have experienced in my professional career. On several occasions I asked Mr. Jenson to provide a company wide solution to visualize data in dashboard form. We were all amazed at how he was able to turn complexity into simplicity with the solutions he provided." -David L.