Dashboards - Information that is accurate, clear, concise, and timely

Provide decision support information and recommendations that are accurate, clear, concise, and timely
(IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice, 1.3).

Our reporting consists of various metrics, charts, graphs, and tables that are designed for the ad agency and are customizable to your individual needs. We update these weekly and monthly depending on the metrics we're reviewing to provide you timely information.

We update and reconcile accounts frequently so the information we're using when we update the dashboards is accurate.

We develop the dashboards so that the information you need most is prominently featured and the graphs and charts show it in a way that is both clear and concise. With a quick glance you can see not only how you're doing, but you can also see leading indicators to highlight when a change needs to be made to maintain profit and cash flow levels before a crisis hits.

Types of information you will find on a dashboard include AR trends, what month in the future your cash is going to dry up, and how much you can take in owner distributions now and in future periods.

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"I hired Nate to work with one of my clients (engaged in custom manufacturing) as an outsourced CFO and he has performed very well. Prior to engaging with Nate, we truly had no sense of our actual Cost of Sales, as overhead was not being applied and we had an incoherent organization of our chart of accounts. Nate is incredibly bright and can quickly conceptualize a problem, map out constraints, and effectively communicate a path forward" . -Kent W.