Ninety-five percent of your data analysis is in your data entry

Manufacturers have unique accounting needs.  The complexity of building a product requires a deep understanding of what drives the costs of creating that product - labor, material, other direct costs, and overhead - in order to understand what the product really cost to make.  This is important for pricing, of course, but it's also important to understand in relation to overall profitability.

Can I hire someone to work in the office?  If you don't have a good handle on your product costs, even simple questions like this don't always have a clear answer.

We work with manufacturers to ensure their data is tracked correctly.  We follow systematic processes to ensure that data is collected in such a way that it can be extracted to provide insights that are "accurate, clear, concise, and timely"; insights that will help you make better decisions in your business.

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"I hired Nate to work with one of my clients (engaged in custom manufacturing) as an outsourced CFO and he has performed very well. Prior to engaging with Nate, we truly had no sense of our actual Cost of Sales, as overhead was not being applied and we had an incoherent organization of our chart of accounts. Nate is incredibly bright and can quickly conceptualize a problem, map out constraints, and effectively communicate a path forward" . -Kent W.