Streamlining your Accounting Function

Do you have a good employee in place, but just need help getting them to the next level?

For these manufacturers, we will provide a deep review of your accounting function. 

We have systems that we use with all of our clients to ensure that we complete all their accounting tasks in a timely manner, that the data is accurate, and that the reporting is valuable.  We can implement these in your business, train your employees on the systems, and document the systems so that even if you lose that employee, the next one can easily step in and know exactly what needs to be done, and how to do it!.  The documentation happens in a dynamic way that's easy to update and easy to find the details on how to do a task when it's needed.  It's not in a binder on a shelf.  It's in front of the employee constantly and will be updated frequently.

Contact us for a customized solution to your accounting needs.

"The speed at which Mr. Jenson operates is something to behold. His computer skills, including highly advanced excel and accounting software, are beyond any I have experienced in my professional career. On several occasions I asked Mr. Jenson to provide a company wide solution to visualize data in dashboard form. We were all amazed at how he was able to turn complexity into simplicity with the solutions he provided." -David L.